Our Quality

Latus Quality Assurance and Manufacturing

  • All our products are tested in independent US laboratories and are produced in strictly controlled FDA inspected facilities that have extensive production monitoring processes.
  • Our quality assurance process exceeds both industry and regulatory standards to ensure optimum potency.    
  • Our encapsulated products and raw materials are tested for purity and potency, which guarantees that every capsule is manufactured with the purest quality-free from environmental contaminants. 


 Latus Is a ‘House of Brands’ for All Things Health and Wellness 

  • Latus branded products
  • Co-branded products
  • Vetted professional brands
  • Wellness programs
  • Anti-aging products
  • Brand distribution
  • Telemedicine


Efficacy Defined

We bring you the most effective and trusted nutraceuticals and essential products for health and wellness in a changing world.


Giving Back

We take social responsibility seriously. It is the foundation of our belief system. When we give back, we become part of something greater than ourselves.



Our products are based on the latest innovations and cutting edge technologies and are hand selected by experts from the medical, wellness and anti-aging industries.



We have partnerships with key influencers in the nutrition, beauty and fitness space, who inspire our consumers to reach their wellness goals. Latus sponsors webinars, continuing education events and conferences to create awareness on topics and trends.



The company is led by a team of nationally recognized industry innovators from the nutraceutical, integrative medicine and healthcare industries. We partner with physician practices, ancillary service providers, pharmacies, independent physician associations (IPAs) and other leaders in the healthcare industry. We work with experts in the fields of brand development, brand creation, manufacturing, brand launch and marketing for our direct clients, healthcare professionals and large practice groups.